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If you’re traveling with American Dollars in your pocket, there has never been a better time to visit South Africa. The Dollar is high against the Rand and prices are dropping on flights between the major east coast cities and Cape Town.

Looking for another excuse to go? Here are a few:

South Africa is one of 9 Great Destinations to Begin Your ‘Round the World Trip. 2016 is THE year for RTW travel for Americans, so why not start your

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The Big 5 (+ 17): 22 Amazing Animals of South AfricaBefore any trip to South Africa, or anywhere else on a continent known for its safaris, you’ll inevitably hear about “The Big Five.” These are, you’ll come to learn, the five game animals hunters once declared to be the most dangerous and difficult to hunt on foot. Despite the fact that these animals aren’t hunted legally anymore, the name has stuck – nowadays, it’s a sort of badge of honor to see all of the “Big Five” animals during a

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Why You Should Add Cape Town to Your RTW ItineraryThere’s no doubt that Cape Town is a remarkably beautiful city. With Table Mountain as the quintessential icon, there’s also the stunning beaches, vineyards, and rousing nightlife to talk about as well. If you are planning a trip to South Africa, you’d be crazy to leave Cape town off the itinerary.

What you’re able to see and do in Cape Town really depends on what type of trip you’re taking. If you’re only in South Africa

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The Earworms of South Africa

by Jessica on January 12, 2012

The Earworms of South AfricaI expected to find a huge variety of animals in South Africa, but one I wasn’t prepared to encounter was the insidious earworm.

Everywhere we turned, it seemed, we’d bump into yet another earworm – and as soon as we’d get rid of one, someone would find (and, inevitably, share) another.

Of course, I realized when I got home that I couldn’t keep all these earworms to myself, so I present you with the earworms you might just find – if you’re

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How do you squeeze all the sights and sounds of a two-week South Africa trip into a two-minute video?

Well, you don’t, really. But you can apparently do a pretty good job of showing off the highlights, as is evidenced by this fun video of the #VisitSouthAfrica press trip.

The #VisitSouthAfrica trip was hosted by South African Tourism, and my opinions are entirely my own.

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Siyabonga: A #VisitSouthAfrica PoemI’m not one who typically struggles for words, but it’s going to be a mighty challenge to convey the magnitude of how mind-bogglingly awesome the 2011 #VisitSouthAfrica press trip was. I feel insanely lucky to have been a part of it, with such wonderful travel companions, and experiencing such a stunning country.

A few days before the trip was to end, I started jotting down notes of all the things we’d seen and done during the previous two weeks. It was

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