Why You Should Add Johannesburg to Your RTW Itinerary

If you are planning a visit to South Africa, you will most likely fly into either Joburg or Cape Town. Many people come to South Africa for activities outside the cities, and with good reason as safaris are the top tourist attraction. Even though Johannesburg has gotten a bad rap for being dangerous, it has gone over a makeover in recent years and isn’t as bad as it once was.

For those on short trips to South Africa, you probably won’t have too much time in the city itself. But what if you have a bigger trip in mind? What if you are planning a trip around the world and your time isn’t so limited? Would you want to add Johannesburg to your round the world trip itinerary?




Coming to a country like South Africa is a great idea for those on longer trips. And if you find yourself in Joburg, don’t just jet out of town the moment you arrive. You may be surprised at what awaits. The downtown area, which was once unsafe, has been revitalized and has some great areas to explore and hang out in. The Market Theater area is a great place if you’re wanting to see some live music and have a great time. Or you could check out the university area of Braamfontein. There’s tons to do in and around Johannesburg, and you would be remiss to leave as soon as you arrive, especially if you have the extra time.

Photo by: Regardt van der Berg

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