Welcome to the Baz Bus Blog!

Welcome to the Baz Bus Blog! I recently spent 5 months travelling in South Africa, using the Baz Bus throughout. In this blog-within-a-blog I hope to give you some useful information, tips and the occasional funny story- so please, sit back, grab a drink and enjoy!

First some background on the Baz Bus:



  • What is the Baz Bus? To put it simply, Baz Bus is a hostel-to-hostel shuttle service, going into its 11th year, that runs a route up and down the coast of South Africa, from Cape Town to Durban, and loops inland through the Drakensburg mountains to Jo’burg, down through Swaziland and back towards the coast. You can take the route either way, or use the service to go from one city to another.
  • What are the options?:
    1) Hop-on hop-off, one-way or return (that’s what I did)
    2) 21 day pass
    3) 14 day pass
    4) 7 day pass
    5) Cape Peninsula Day Tour (this one comes with food and a guide)
    6) Flexi Tours
  • When can I take Baz Bus? Baz Bus runs year-round, but remember to check your schedule because certain sections of the route have rest days with no bus.
  • Who drives the bus and what are the busses like? There are different drivers for each leg, and if you are on the bus long enough you meet up with each a few times. The busses seat 21 passengers (a little tight when full, but still comfortable) and come equipped with TV and videos/DVDs.
  • See Baz Bus route map | Book Baz Bus ticket

Hopefully this will answer some of your more burning questions – or at the very least get you started on the right track. Stay tuned for my next entry where I begin exploring the Garden Route…


About Kathy:

Kathy, a.ka. “Trekker”, was born and raised in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. She immigrated to the USA in 1996, where she received a BSc in Environmental Education from Oregon State University. Post-graduation, Kathy worked as an English teacher in Seoul, Korea for 3 years. She holds a 2nd degree black belt in Taekwondo and a Padi Advanced Scuba Diver certificate, and her travel experiences include Egypt, UK, Ireland, Korea, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Lesotho, South Africa and Alaska. In addition to this Baz Bus blog-within-a-blog, Kathy has her own personal BootsnAll Blog – check it out!