South Africa Links

Believe the hype!
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Crazy stuff from South African surfer slang to backpacker’s sites on where to stay and news links on daily events in South Africa.
**This site is about backpacking in Southern Africa. It tells you about where to go and what to do with a focus on affordable accommodation and adventure activities.
** Has specific searches for backpackers in South Africa. You can scroll and search by provinces and has great photos too!
**Spot for South Africa surf and culture.
**This looks like a music event- Bonnaroo south african style.
**In association with the Nelson Mandela Foundation, the 46664 campaign (nelson’s serial number when captive on Robben Island) hosts a benefit concert March 19th in Fancourt, SA. The site has info on last year’s show and a donation in respect of each download sold will be given to the Nelson Mandela Foundation to assist the 46664 campaign in the ongoing fight against HIV/AIDS.
** Festival with all kinds of music, from rock, to kwaito, to hiphop… how fun does that look??


**This place is supposed to be one of the best clubs in the entire world-Durban… everyone has played there…paul van dyke, dj shadow, sasha and digweed, ext.
**Listings of upcoming concerts in South Africa and how to buy them. Computicket is like the South African Ticketmaster.
**All South Africa surfer slang…it is pretty funny…
**The Valley of 1000 Hills looks super beautiful and it is about 45 minutes from Durban.
**This is a decent, but sorta touristy looking site about general Durban stuff.
**This game park is like an hour and a half outside of Durban.
**Comprehensive site for cultural and historical interests in South Africa.
**Cool looking South African youth culture and music magazine. Check it out…
**Keep updated on national news being made in South Africa on these sites.