New Radio Show for Summertime Tips

(An SA Blog Beta post from Your Correspondent.)

UPDATE 3: Jon Gericke reads this blog! Thanks for the note, Jon – SA Blog is a big fan. (And dedicated to increasing your Google hits: Gericke, Gericke, Gericke.) Perhaps this URL can feature as one of your websites of the week (Jon also keeps watch over the tecchie beat at SAfm) after we’ve moved up from the Beta version.

UPDATE 2: The mistake was mine, and mine alone – and it gives SA Blog its first chance to name-drop. I got an email from Jon Gericke personally, explaining that the show runs every weekday from 12 – 1h30 pm. Tune in from Monday 19 Dec – it should be good and useful fun.




UPDATE 1: Sat 17 December, 12h07pm: I’m listening to SAfm in hopes of hearing Jon Gericke’s new show, but the normal children’s show is on air instead. Either I misheard the promotion earlier this week, or someone at SAfm fumbled the new lineup. SA Blog will investigate and keep you up to date on this burning controversy.

The national radio station, SAfm, is introducing a new weekly show, aired Saturdays from 12pm, for those twiddling their thumbs wondering what to do this summer.

It will be hosted by the sports jock, Jon Gericke, noted for his enlightened, electic approach to his beat. (You’ll as likely hear about bowls and disabled swimming as rugby and soccer on his shows.) He’s sure to come up with all sorts of interesting tips, for locals and visitors alike.

First broadcast is Saturday, 17 December – and you’ll find SAfm between 104 and 107 on the FM dial, depending on where you are. Tune in!