Meet Nozuko, Township Blogger!

Hello SA Blog readers far and wide!

I’m Nozuko, from Khayelitsha (that’s Xhosa for “new home”), a township outside Cape Town. It’s South Africa’s second largest. (Soweto is number one.)

In my posts, I’m going to be showing you around Cape Town’s townships, especially Khayelitsha (of course!), Langa, Guguletu, Nyanga, Delft, Montana (no, not the state in the US!). We’ll visit places to stay, places to eat and have a good time, we’ll get to know township culture, and if you’re lucky I might even teach you a bit of Xhosa.

[Editor’s note: Learn some easy Xhosa on SA Blog by clicking here.]




More about me:

I’m originally from Willowvale in the Eastern Cape (near Butterworth). I came to Cape Town looking for greener pastures after completing my matric in 1992. Now I work as a writer, researcher, graphic and web designer, and also an IT specialist.

I’m writing a book called “Masinqule”, which means “Let’s Pray”, and is about Xhosa rituals and traditions. I hope to see it translated into English someday!

I look forward to opening the door to the Cape Town townships for you!

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