KuduClub.com: Bad South African TV from anywhere in the world!

Call me tasteful, but South African soap operas like “Egoli”, “Binnelanders” or all time favorite “Orkney Snork nie” have never held a place in my heart.

Carte Blanche would have to get my vote as the best program to come out of South Africa, but if your ex-pat, homesick heart is pining for some truly homegrown TV; Villarosa, Begeertes and all that good stuff is available via www.kuduclub.com . Logon and you can pick up horrendous SA programming anywhere in the world via the internet. They are running a special at the moment of 4 months for $19.90, which is peanuts compared to the cost of repairing your liquefied brain.




The truth of the matter is that there are an estimated 2 Million South African Traitors Ex-Patriots, living abroad, dying for the dulcet tones of our trademark guttural accent.