Hotline for Cape Town Tourism Complaints

Cape Town loves its tourists, and does its best to take good care of them. Occasionally, though, things go wrong, and infuriation ensues.

You can get that infuriation off your chest toll-free: complain to the Office of the Consumer Proctetor, which will investigate and report back in 24 hours. You get a reference number in case they take a bit longer.



  • Cape Town & Western Cape complaints hotline: 0800 007 081

Like all hotlines, this one should be used with good judgment. If your waitress served cold milk with your coffee, instead of the warm milk that you ordered, don’t call the Consumer Protector. But if you’ve been fleeced by a tour company, or woken up to an overflowing toilet in your hotel room, by all means pick up that phone!

  • More info on the Consumer Protector: click here.

Note that for locals, the Consumer Protector’s response time is 3-5 days.