Flights from London to Cape Town

Alert! Use this handy guide to plan your trip from (damp, dark, expensive, blecchy) London to (warm, sunny, fabulously-cheap-if-you’ve-got-pounds, glorious) Cape Town!

Best Times to Travel: Cape Town is a year-round destination. It’s particularly attractive for Brits in February, when the weather in London is horrid, the high holiday prices have gone down, and the days are at their most beautiful on SA’s coast.
Average Ticket Price: £550 (including taxes; find cheap international flights)

Price During High Season: £1200 (including taxes)

Price of the World’s Best Ticket Deal (this year): £400 (including taxes)

Length of Flight Time: 10-12 hours.




Common Stops: There are a number of direct flights from London to Cape Town, especially via British Airways and South African Airways. Both also offer flights through Jo-burg, while KLM may stop there and in Amsterdam. (See Cape Town International Airport and Joburg International Airport for the full lists of carriers.)

Visa Requirements: Those traveling on UK passports require one with at least 6 months’ validity, and, at minimum, one entirely blank page. Visas ARE NOT required for stays of up to 90 days.

Conversion Rate: 1 British Pound = about 11 South African Rand (current exchange rates).

Time Difference: Cape Town is two hours ahead of London (time converter).

Popular Hostels/Hotels: Luxury hotels include The Twelve Apostles on the coast, and The Mount Nelson in town. Backpackers flock to city hostels, while The Backpack & Africa Travel Centre is a favourite on leafy, trendy fringe of downtown.

Finding expats: Just listen carefully – they’re everywhere! Running B&Bs, haunting pubs, and generally enjoying the good life. It’s the accent wot gives them away.

Traveller’s Alert: Check out SA Blog’s Fair Trade section, to learn how your pounds can make a difference. And if you want to see Cape Town’s townships, head over to our Township & Development Tourism section.

  • For South African residents, the travel deals work in reverse as well. London airfare can usually be found for approximately R3670.