Donovan’s Africa Travel Links

It’s hard, if not impossible, to classify the continent of Africa. It’s a place with stark contrasts not only in the land, but with the people, cultures, languages, and realities of everyday existence. Most of my travel links are indicative of not only my experiences in East Africa, but also my passions – like eco-tourism, human rights, independent travel, and cultural immersion. Therefore, these links are geared somewhat for the open-minded traveler who wants to explore, navigate and adapt to the culture and landscapes of the so called Dark Continent. Safari Njema!

Porters Project
Going to East Africa? Planning to climb Kilimanjaro? Want to help a charitable, worthy cause? The porters of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania are like the Sherpas of Nepal. Strangely, many people assume that since Mt. Kilimanjaro is close to the equator, that it�s easy and comfortable for porters to carry gear to the top of one of the highest mountains in the world. Actually it�s a very cold mountain because the top is close to 20,000 ft. Unfortunately, many porters climb up the mountain, with little clothing, no shoes, and little preparation for the altitude. The Kilimanjaro Porter’s Assistance Project is dedicated to clothing porters, teaching English, first aid, and educating the tourists about how to make sure the porter is treated properly.

Visit Dan
Dan Eldon was a modern day adventurer; someone who lived by the motto, “Safari as a way of life: To explore the unknown and the familiar, distant and near, and to record indetail with the eyes of a child, any beauty, horror, irony, traces of Utopia or Hell.” Because of this philosophy, Dan ventured into all the unique corners of Africa purely for one reason – curiosity. Due to his amazing experiences from growing up in Kenya, and his overland travels from South Africa to Morocco, Eldon became a photographer for Reuters covering war zones in Africa, specifically in Somalia. Tragically, when the American military attacked Mogadishu, Somalia, and Dan was taking pictures of some dead soldiers, a mob of angry Somalis, many whom he had been friends with, attacked and murdered him. He will always be remembered.

Africa Travel Resource
This comprehensive Africa adventure site is dedicated to researching the various treks, safari, rafting trips, hikes, cultural tours and animal viewing around most of sub-Saharan africa. The great thing is, it allows you to compare various trips, from different operators, and plan your route through some of the best wildlife viewing in the world.

Overland Africa
Do you have an endless amount of energy, patience, and time � and want to conquer one of the most difficult overland routes in the dark continent? Try an overland trip from Morocco to South Africa crossing through more than 20 countries with this link. It may take six months, nine months or even one year, but you would have some of the best stories ever – like the time you got stuck in the deep sands of Sudan, used an Internet cafe in the REAL Timbuktu, or maybe rafting trip down the White Nile in Uganda, or perhaps even visiting the mask festivals in the Dogon tribe of Mali. It would be a great adventure � this is the site to make it happen!

Go on Safari/Climb Kilimanjaro
If you’re headed to the wild, untamed Serengeti, or want to climb (and hopefully summit) the highest mountain in Africa, this is one of the best companies to use on your tours. When I choose a tour operator in East Africa, I look for someone that has style, character and can show me not only animals but also explain, in depth, the history and geology of the Great Rift Valley; also know as the Eight Wonder of the World

News of Africa
Need quick information about the geopolitical situation in Africa? This is one of the most informative sites on the political, economic and safety situation in much of greater Africa.




Africa Portal
This site is a portal for all your Africa travel needs – it includes facts about the countries, different tours available, and how to travel in the heartland of Africa.

Travel Routes
While this website isn’t exactly beautiful and doesn’t look that special, it does help you with one of the most important things while in Africa – TRAVEL ROUTES. One of the best adventures in Africa is traveling from point A to B, which means that you might go to point F, X, R, Q, before you actually get back to B. There is no method to traveling in Africa – just have an endless amount of patience and time and let the world unfold around you.

Jobs in Africa
Are you a liberal idealists who wants to move into the bush of Africa and help the local community by showing them how to grow corn in a more efficient way? Well this isn’t the site for you! Go join the Peace Corps. This is a site for people who want to move to Africa, for whatever, and actually MAKE MONEY. Strange concept, eh?

Africa Maps
One of the most important things to have while traveling in Africa is a good map – one that not only shows the major paved roads, but all of the trails, dirt roads, and small little paths to help you navigate the country. I suggest you buy a few different maps, from multiple companies, just to make sure you have enough information to complete your epic journey.

Dream Lodges
Going to Africa and want to sleep in a rich colonial-like setting, much like Ernest Hemingway when he wrote the “Snows of Kilimanjaro”� While this isn’t exactly like Hemingway’s adventures, meaning you won’t have a gun to scare the animals away, you will be living in extreme old world style, but with a nice touch of modern conveniences, with people waiting on your every need. This link with show you the places to visit when you want to travel in Africa, and do it in style.

Interested in researching development and social issues for East Africa? Or are you thinking about majoring in development in graduate school. Yale University has a great site, with links, to a variety of different project, from women, children, HIV, throughout much of Africa.

Learn Swahili
Mambo Vipi? That means, �What�s up� in Swahili. Ever wanted to learn a fairly simple Africa language. Swahili, spoken in more than 4 countries and by more than 60 million people, is a great language to start with. It can help you evolve into other Bantu languages like Shona or Zulu (one of the biggest language families in all of Africa), which are much like the relation from Spanish to Italian. Good luck!

Visit Amani’s Home
A little bit of money can go a long ways at this link. For only $30, you can help feed all of these children, many of whom I know personally, for another two weeks. That�s $30 to feed all fifty of them, not just one. 40 of them are boys and they all sleep in the same room and maybe only get to eat meet once a week if they are lucky. This orphanage is run by a young american girl who wanted to give up the daily corporate grind and help make a difference in the world. You can too!

Africa Pictures
Amazing pictures and stories on all facets of life and experiences in Africa. This is not only the colorful tribes and beautiful landscapes, but also the harsh existence of reality � famine, war, poverty, slavery, and many of the problems that face Africa.