Calling Cards in South Africa

If you’re coming to South Africa with one of the major calling cards in your wallet or purse, or want to make a collect call from South Africa, here are some handy local numbers (all toll free):

  • AT&T: 0800 99 0123
  • WorldPhone (MCI): 0800 88 0011

If, on the other hand, you want to purchase a prepaid or fixed-amount calling card while you’re in South Africa, the most convenient option is found at your local Post Office. There, you can buy a Telkom World Call Card, in denominations of R50, R100 and R200, for use with any ground-line telephone (including pay phones). Once you’ve got your card, dial the toll-free number and follow the voice prompts to make an international call.




Prepaid Calling Card Tips:

  • If your Post Office branch has run out of cards, it can simply issue a receipt with the relevant information in the card’s place. The receipt is the same as the card.
  • Read more about Telkom’s World Call Card: click here.
  • Find a Post Office: call 0860 111 502, or email