Beer Tours Here!

If you’re looking for a beery good time in Cape Town, then the Newlands brewery of SAB Miller is where you want to be. It has a brewing capacity of 4.5 million hectaliters – enough to get an entire nation drunk, much less the groups of 10 – 25 that are escorted around the premises at regular intervals each day.

The tours are free, as is the beer tasting, and I’ll raise just this single caveat before you make plans to stampede over: SABMiller beer is dire. The group’s core global strategy appears to center on the adding of maize (corn) to its products, which as a result always taste sweet, and leave a slimy film in the mouth after a few swallows.




Americans will know just how bad Miller is, while Namibians, with their Nambrew (which adheres to German beer purity laws), are perhaps best-placed to point out the many shortcomings of South Africa’s flagship beer, Castle Lager. Yecch. Unfortunately, you have to go to Namibia to tour a large brewery in Africa where decent beer is made, so Newlands remains the only option for visitors to Cape Town. (No surprise – SAB is a monopoly, more or less.)

Newlands Brewery Tour Info
Address: Boundary Road, Newlands | Map
Tel: +27 (0) 21 658 7386
Tour times: 10 a.m. & 4 p.m.
Other: You must be 18 to take the tour; groups of less than ten will be incorporated into larger groups.