Flora & Fauna

Thanks to Genie Retief for this piece… The Big Five! Leopards and lions. Elephants and giraffes. These bring visions of Africa at its best. Hot sunny days. Star-studded skies and sultry summer nights with the sounds of the African bush complete the intrigue of a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And there is […]

South African Eco-travel: There is something for everyone

This amazing phographic sequence was recently captured at Kruger National Park by American Wildlife Photographer Hal Brindley while he was concentrating on a unrelated subject. According to wildlife experts this is the first recorded or witnessed incident of its type. The incident astonished park rangers who had no explaination as […]

Leopard Savaging a Crocodile Caught On Film

Another great contribution from South African industry pro and travel writer Sean Ross. KNZ Sardine Fever It’s a real gamble setting a festival date to celebrate the expected arrival of a natural phenomenon, in this case the greatest shoal of fish on earth, many months in advance of their arrival. […]

The Sardines Arrive

A curious story of a surfing hippo has been doing the rounds in South Africa recently. First spotted in the KNZ coastal resort town of Ballito, situated about 40km north of Durban, the vagrant hippo has been steadily making its way south from the area of the St Lucia wetlands […]

The Surfing Hippo of KwaZulu/Natal

Not You Again! Some things change, and some things don’t. Robert Mugabe, after almost five weeks of political hiatus, remains in power, while galloping inflation – touted now at about 355 000% – necessitated the issue of another new banknote, the third issue in a year. This time it was […]

Pigs, Warthog, Monkeys and Elephant

Giant’s Castle Game Reserve Continuing on with the theme of gracious accommodation and civilized pursuits, I am returning to the Drakensberg, and this time to Giants Castle Game Reserve. As with the Royal Natal National Park, and Cathedral Peak, the dominant themes here are walking, climbing and horse riding, with […]

Drakensberg: Giant’s Castle Game Reserve

Every Spring, tourists and local nature lovers come from all over to pay homage to one of the most spectacular flower shows in the world. The West Coast of South Africa, is an acquired taste, compared to the lush garden route. It is rocky, dry and sometimes quite featureless. This […]

West Coast Flowers have a spring in thier step

It is nearly time again for the world famous sardine run, where gigantic shoals of sardine (which can be seen from space), swarm up the East coast of South Africa. The Sardine Run can be witnessed at some point between May and July (conditions permitting). If the water is too […]

The Sardine Run ’07: The Greastest shoal on Earth is ...