Fishing Safari

Spotted! A Brace of Cape Salmon Where from? Somewhere southeast of Cape Point, probably. Loving SA yet? No! Why not? Because we ended up on the cold, hard concrete of Kalk Bay harbour, obviously! Cape Salmon Highlight so far? Making it to the size we did. Sore points? Being auctioned […]

Piscine View: A Brace of Cape Salmon!

Spotted! A haul of yellowtail! (Seriola lalandi) Where? Kalk Bay Harbour, Kalk Bay | Map Loving SA yet? No! Why not? Because we were caught by the local fisherman, obviously! Yellowtail Highlight so far? Swimming freely off Cape Point, eating every smaller fish in sight. Sore points? Ending up in […]

Piscine view: A Haul of Yellowtail!