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In the last 10 years Cape Town has seen an explosion of retail areas, and shopping malls. I am not entirely sure where all these extra consumers are coming from, but it seems that business is thriving across the board. The latest addition is Willowbridge, which is less of a […]

Shopping: Willowbridge mall, Tygervalley

Had a concerted walk down Long Street today, to check out the Backpackers and get some prices for Paragliding (dying to try it), it’s R850 ($120), but they only go on hot days with little wind…wind and Cape Town are good friends and not easily parted. I am also toying […]

Noodlebosch noodelry in Long Street

We came back to the Kalk bay/Simon’s town area on Monday to have another crack at the Olympia cafe, which was fuller than a minibus, and to fetch Sarah’s cell phone from the kind gent that found it under our table at “Skebangers” in Noordhoek. Who says there is no […]

Kalk Bay and Cape to Cuba restaurant.

Something I heard while I was in the USA surprised me a lot. Americans who had visited South Africa often commented on how they missed the “pies”. These are not like the American apple pies, or cherry pies, but individual meat pies filled with steak, chicken and whathaveyou. Somehow, pies […]

Cape Town’s Fast Foods: Big Bird Pie, Ostrich to-go.

I am of the persuasion that words of foreign origin ought to be, or at least attempted to be pronounced correctly and not Anglicized, Americanized or contorted in general. Samoosas are no exception and by no accounts should be called samozas. With that out of the way, I would like […]

Zorina’s Restaurant 172 Loop Street, Cape Town – Samoosa central