Goodbye Karen, Hello – ??

It’s time to wish SA Blog’s pioneering first student blogger, Karen of the University of Chicago, goodbye and good luck! Karen has departed Cape Town for the final leg of her program in the Kruger National Park (no blogging facilities there!), and – apart from one or two possible post-Kruger reports – this may be the last we’ll hear from her. Sniff.

Karen’s departure means that SA Blog now has a vacancy in its Student Blogger department. Applications welcome! If you’re studying abroad in SA for any length of time, answer to the description of “generally opinionated”, have decent writing skills and want to be mildly famous, you qualify. No previous bloggin’ experience necessary. Requirements are pretty minimal: as few as two posts per week.




Those interested may post a comment here, or send me a note directly. C’mon, chickadees – let’s blog!