Private Game Reserves

Not You Again! Some things change, and some things donโ€™t. Robert Mugabe, after almost five weeks of political hiatus, remains in power, while galloping inflation โ€“ touted now at about 355 000% โ€“ necessitated the issue of another new banknote, the third issue in a year. This time it was […]

Pigs, Warthog, Monkeys and Elephant

The Drakenstein Lion Park was recently brought to my attention as offering close contact with lions only 50km from CT. 5 minutes from Paarl (straight up the N1) the park is a sanctuary for captive bred lions that are unable to be reintroduced to the wild. A number of opportunities […]

Sleep with the lions, 30 Minutes from Cape Town.

In Australia, just about everything is toxic and deadly. It is home to the worlds only known poisonous mammal, the duck billed platypus, the stupendously lethal box jellyfish and the blue ringed octopus, amongst many, many others. True Blue Aussies are not going to lose sleep coming to South Africa, […]

Most poisonous animals in South Africa. Top 5.

The Vredefort dome is the worlds largest meteor crater and is situated 120km SW of Johannesburg. It is said to have been created by a chick chunk of rock the size of Table Mountain vaporizing 70 Cubic Kilometres of earth on impact and a crater 300km wide. Vredefort’s original impact […]

World heritage sites in South Africa: Vredefort dome

Brian Habana, South Africa’s fast running (11sec for 100m) sweetheart of Rugby, recently raced a cheetah for charity, you can see the video on CNN. They had to bring in a Hollywood stunt team to stage the event, and posted animal wranglers armed with tranq guns, all along the course […]

Brian Habana (SA Rugby star) races a cheetah for charity.