Garden Route

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In the modern world, ‘wild’ as far as nature is concerned is a relative concept. It is enough, perhaps, that an area of natural beauty is not utterly trampled by urban development, or destroyed by irresponsible land use, for it to deserve the term ‘wild’. Certainly this is the case […]

The Wild Coast

The fantastic fishing spot we found on our trip to Wilderness was the Jetty at Victoria Bay, and what lovely little place it is too. You often hear about Vic Bay in surfing circles as they have annual comp here, but this was the first time I had been. The […]

Garden Route: Victoria Bay

The view from this place is absolutely jaw dropping! The Chalet’s are built up on top of the dunes and overlook the entire horizon of the Indian ocean. The roar of the constant surf and salt in the air, makes you feel like your eating oysters all day… Our chalet […]

Wilderness Dunes resort: Garden Route

The path to the spot starts and the Kaaimans river estuary, where you scramble (with cooler boxes full of beer, bait, rods etc) up the embankment and on to the now defunct Outeniqua choo-Tjoe railway tracks, along the tracks for about a Kilometre, through the now pitch dark tunnel and […]

Fishing in Wilderness: Part 2

We had decided beforehand that this was primarily going to be a fishing getaway. The Indian ocean coastline along the garden route is particularly rich in fish, although not as many species as further (and warmer) north. Elf (Shad), Kob and Bream are bountiful here. Fishing, for my part anyway, […]

Fishing in Wilderness: Part 1

This weekend (well Friday-Tuesday) we are driving up to Wilderness for a little break away. We intend to do as much or as little as we feel like, but on the cards are some fishing (perhaps in my new little inflatable), some surfing and maybe even some golf. There will […]

Into the Wilderness: The heart of the garden route.

Alert! Following yesterday’s dire warnings about the collapse of the N2 highway at the Kaaimans River Pass – which has threatened to spike the Garden Route‘s upcoming “season” before it begins – the situation seems to have improved somewhat, with limited traffic now being allowed over the deteriorating road. If […]

Kaaimans Pass Update: Garden Route Open for Business

A small group of hiking pioneers is setting off to make history today in the Garden Route. They’re hiking from the ancient Knysna elephant forest to the Addo Elephant Park – a 400 km trek across 7 different mountain groupings and four national parks – with the objective of establishing […]

Epic “Eden to Addo” Hike Gets Underway