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It was Sarah’s Birthday this weekend so we decided to try and go to Ratanga Junction for some gut churning and bad pizza, but unfortunately it was closed due to the weather..(it was bright sunshine) This does not bode well for the future of Ratanga Junction, seeing as we are […]

Ice Skating at Grand West Casino, Cape Town

Since my last post was a bit of a damning treatise, here is a great bit of news for visiting gastronomes. The S. Pellegrino 2007 list of “Best Restaurants in the world” was released last week and in the category for Africa and the Middle East, the top 5 were […]

Western Cape restaurants among the best in the world!

The fantastic fishing spot we found on our trip to Wilderness was the Jetty at Victoria Bay, and what lovely little place it is too. You often hear about Vic Bay in surfing circles as they have annual comp here, but this was the first time I had been. The […]

Garden Route: Victoria Bay

The view from this place is absolutely jaw dropping! The Chalet’s are built up on top of the dunes and overlook the entire horizon of the Indian ocean. The roar of the constant surf and salt in the air, makes you feel like your eating oysters all day… Our chalet […]

Wilderness Dunes resort: Garden Route

There is a lovely lodge just after the Huguenot tunnel on the N1, that I have always seen , but never stayed at until this weekend. With the advent of the tunnel it brings it too close to Cape Town, to be an overnight stop before heading North and I […]

Du Toit’s Kloof Lodge: Good Cop Review

Yesterday , we got up early and had booked at the skyways treetop ride above the rainforest canopy. It is run from the Gecko Lodge on the Sabie Road in Hazyview, and take groups of up to 8 up to the top of hill by Land Rover and then you […]

Skyways; Gecko Lodge rainforest canopy “foofy slide”

Hippo’s only feed at night and can travel large distances in their search for enough short grass to fill them up. Every night at 6:30pm the wardens here open the gates to let the hippo’s out to graze on the fairways and also down to the Sabie river banks. There […]

Wildlife at Sabie River Sun