Game Lodges

Canyons, Cheetah & Kruger Canyons, Cheetahs & Kruger is somewhat cheaper in value as Boots n’all trips go. It is certainly not as good value as the Dunes, Delta & Falls option. In truth adventure travel through Mpumalanga, unless you happen to have to stop and change a flat tyre […]

Canyons, Cheetahs & Kruger

In Australia, just about everything is toxic and deadly. It is home to the worlds only known poisonous mammal, the duck billed platypus, the stupendously lethal box jellyfish and the blue ringed octopus, amongst many, many others. True Blue Aussies are not going to lose sleep coming to South Africa, […]

Most poisonous animals in South Africa. Top 5.

We did another long game drive today from the Phabeni gate to the Orpen dam and then circled around to come out of the Kruger National Park Gate. It took about 7 hours or so and saw some incredible scenery. There are 2 lookout points that you must not miss […]

Kruger park; 2nd game drive

Yesterday , we got up early and had booked at the skyways treetop ride above the rainforest canopy. It is run from the Gecko Lodge on the Sabie Road in Hazyview, and take groups of up to 8 up to the top of hill by Land Rover and then you […]

Skyways; Gecko Lodge rainforest canopy “foofy slide”