Kruger National Park

Two towering institutions of South African travel met in the cause of conservation and the promotion of tourism this week at the official launch of the Boundless Southern Africa Expedition held in the Namibian town of Oranjemund. Latter day Livingstone… Modern Day explorer and fellow of the National Geographic Society, […]

The World Cup, the Peace Parks and an old travel ...

Mpumulanga in the local Swazi language means Land of the Rising Sun! True to the name this is definitely the wild heart of South Africa. Here wildlife, culture, mountains and bushveld merge, opening the opportunity for anything from caving, balloon safaris, kloofing, hiking, and of course foot or four wheel […]

Mpumulanga – The Wild Frontier of South Africa

Thanks to Genie Retief for this piece… The Big Five! Leopards and lions. Elephants and giraffes. These bring visions of Africa at its best. Hot sunny days. Star-studded skies and sultry summer nights with the sounds of the African bush complete the intrigue of a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And there is […]

South African Eco-travel: There is something for everyone

Check out our Featured South African Tours South Africa stands alone in Africa for many reasons. Its social vitality and general economic health are in stark contrast to many other states in the region, some on her immediate borders. A traveler to South Africa can expect the odd synthesis of […]

Safari South Africa: WhyGo?

This amazing phographic sequence was recently captured at Kruger National Park by American Wildlife Photographer Hal Brindley while he was concentrating on a unrelated subject. According to wildlife experts this is the first recorded or witnessed incident of its type. The incident astonished park rangers who had no explaination as […]

Leopard Savaging a Crocodile Caught On Film

Rarely does a country suffer and enjoy such striking contrasts as South Africa. On the surface, it is barely recognizable as a developing country, with such iconic international cities as Cape Town, and with the mighty economic machine of Johannesburg and Gauteng. At the same time South Africa is burdened […]

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