Getting Around

The Cango caves near Oudstshoorn are South Africa’s oldest tourist attraction. Discovered (again) in 1780 and opened to the public in 1806, the Cango cave system is a winding network of jewelled caverns stretching well over 5km (so far discovered) The first great chamber you enter is called the Van […]

Cango caves: Oudtshoorn South Africa.

Oh the wonders of semi-free enterprise! The emergence of competition to the state funded SAA, has sparked a price war that has changed the face of domestic flight pricing. Budget Airlines Kulula, Mango and 1time are all doing amazing business and getting many more South Africans flying for the first […]

Budget airlines Booming! Mango, Kulula, 1time

I have been seeing more and more of these “Rent a Mercedes Benz” cars driving around, that I thought it must be a good deal and sought to find out more. Series 123 Mercedes are a firm favourite of long-stay visitors, students, surfers and motor mechanics. Basically they run forever […]

Car Rental in Cape Town: Rent-A-Merc !

We are planning a family trip up to the Kruger Park next month. This is when the bulk of the tourism has slowed down and things are a bit more relaxed for us and the animals. Like us, I am sure they are not keen on bumper to bumper traffic […]

Kruger Park Trip: How to get there?

So we decided today to throw caution to the wind and make our way up to Mozambique regardless of all the obvious obstacles that have been throwing up red flags at every juncture. Ridiculous airfares, no seats, no ground transport, no accommodation and leaving my business flying solo nolo. (That […]

Operation Mozambique #3, By hook or by crook.