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  As a South African, and long time sufferer of cons, tricks, scams and so forth, I like to think of myself as at least a little streetwise. Well pride comes before a fall, and I would like to warn fellow Capetonians and anyone planning on driving our roads of […]

How to avoid getting scammed in Cape Town #1 : ...

Umkhosi woMhlanga is the Zulu name for the Royal Reed dance which happens every September at KwaNyokeni Palace, Nongoma, which is the Zulu nation’s royal residence. Over 10 000 virgin maidens are invited from throughout KwaZulu Natal, to dance in the ceremony and thousands more Zulus help the prepare. The […]

Two tourists arrested for photographing Zulu Royal Reed Dance.

My heroine, Mayor Helen (of Troy) God-Zille, has been arrested this morning during a march against gangsterism and drugs. “The question that arises is this: everyone knows who the drug dealers in Mitchell’s Plain are, and where they ply their trade why are they not arrested?” said the Zillmonster. The […]

Helen Zille, Mayor of Cape Town: Arrested!

In the ancestor worshipping traditions held by the majority (80%) of South Africans (Zulu, Xhosa, Ndabele and Swazi) the Sangoma is the primary and sometimes exclusive healer and counsellor. There is no governing body to control who is, and who is not, a sangoma, anyone can claim to be one […]

Sangomas: The South African Shamen

Capetonians love flea markets! and we have several every weekend: Here are the main ones. Greenpoint Stadium Flea market: This started with a guy selling Boerewors rolls on the weekend and has blossomed into the largest fleamarket in Cape Town. It is held every Sunday and public holiday from 09:00 […]

Flea Markets and Craft Markets in Cape town

An attack on two British tourists hit the news today and has caused some shock waves amongst the management of Cape Town Tourism. A somewhat knee-jerk reaction has called for parties of less than 4 or 5 to be turned away from entering Tafelberg Road and Signal Hill road after […]

Crime on Table Mountain: New road restrictions for the summer ...