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Capetonians love flea markets! and we have several every weekend: Here are the main ones. Greenpoint Stadium Flea market: This started with a guy selling Boerewors rolls on the weekend and has blossomed into the largest fleamarket in Cape Town. It is held every Sunday and public holiday from 09:00 […]

Flea Markets and Craft Markets in Cape town

Had a concerted walk down Long Street today, to check out the Backpackers and get some prices for Paragliding (dying to try it), it’s R850 ($120), but they only go on hot days with little wind…wind and Cape Town are good friends and not easily parted. I am also toying […]

Noodlebosch noodelry in Long Street

Something I heard while I was in the USA surprised me a lot. Americans who had visited South Africa often commented on how they missed the “pies”. These are not like the American apple pies, or cherry pies, but individual meat pies filled with steak, chicken and whathaveyou. Somehow, pies […]

Cape Town’s Fast Foods: Big Bird Pie, Ostrich to-go.

I am of the persuasion that words of foreign origin ought to be, or at least attempted to be pronounced correctly and not Anglicized, Americanized or contorted in general. Samoosas are no exception and by no accounts should be called samozas. With that out of the way, I would like […]

Zorina’s Restaurant 172 Loop Street, Cape Town – Samoosa central

-Best of Cape Town- Specialty: Mozambican Seafood, Seafood and Seafood. Address: 1 Beach Boulevard, Tableview, Cape Town SA Logue rating: -8.5- Highly recommended for honest to goodness seafood. Cost: Good Value Table of 4- R300 including tip ($40) Type: Family franchise

Restaurant review- Ocean Basket, Tableview

SA Logue will brook no argument on this score: for the best delivered pizza in the city, dial straight to Call-a-Pizza in Sea Point. They make the top-heaviest pie you’re likely ever to see, have an endless menu, deliver more promptly than most other services (for free, with a minimum […]

Best Delivered Pizza in Cape Town

SA Logue brings you the top five places in Cape Town for fish & chips. See our Fish & Chips Top 5 tag for more. Crispies 87 Plein St. (cnr. Barrack) Cape Town CBD | Map Crispies Fish & Chips Specialty: Fish & Chips Tel: +27 (0) 21 461 7759 […]

Crispies Fish & Chips, Cape Town CBD: Fish & Chips ...