Kruger Get-Out Point: Hippo Pool

One of the best places to enter the Kruger National Park is the Crocodile Bridge gate in the park’s extreme southeast. Being just off the N4 highway to Maputo, it’s easy to get to, and being such a good area for game viewing, you’re likely to have several spectacular sightings right off the bat.

A case in point is the marvellous Hippo Pool Get-Out Point, just 8 kms from the gate, on the park’s S27 road. Here, you can leave your vehicle and take a short walk up a rocky hill, for a spectacular view of the Crocodile River – lazing in which (it’s practically guaranteed) will be a bevy of hippopotamus, and lurking around which (a bit more difficult to spot, despite the river’s name), will be several long, green, menacing crocodiles.




There’s also a splendid example of rock art nearby, which you put your face right up to to scrutinize – a rare opportunity. There used to be more of it than just the two remaining antelopes, but a massive flood in 2000 wiped them out – a real tragedy, considering how few instances of rock art there are in the park.