Why you should go to South Africa?

South Africa is one of the greatest destinations you should visit if you’re looking for a new adventure.

Why? Well, let’s face it… Wildlife is not around the corner at home, so South Africa is a great opportunity to get in touch with nature, enjoy it and explore it. You might even have a wildlife encounter like one of these, while you’re there. You’ll be a lucky one!

Between safaris and national parks you’ll see animals and wildlife from a different perspective. And you will meet a lot of people that are taking care of endangered species, maybe you’ll become one of them.

South Africa has it all for brave people. It’s a life changing experience!





Looking for another excuse to go? Here are a few:

Are you a dare devil? Some of the Top 10 Shark Infested Beaches are in South Africa. You’ve heard about the Great Whites and you know you want to see them in person! But…are you brave enough to SWIM with these ferocious beasts?

Of course a safari is on everyone’s bucket list. Who doesn’t want to spend a few weeks stalking and seeing exotic animals in Africa? But are you brave enough to EAT some of them? It’s a rare but available option to consider in this country, would you try it?

Check this out if you’re considering How to Choose a Safari in South Africa.

For the truly intrepid and independent traveler, there’s always the Complete Guide to Hitchhiking in Southern Africa.

And then, there are the surprises:  There are at least Four Things You Think You Know About South Africa… but you don’t. And there’s always more to learn.

Last but not least…before you go and book your flight! Please check this 8 Excellent Experiences in South Africa. We’ll be here waiting for you to tell us yours!

Photo by: Pani Podróżnik

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