Thandi Cabernet Sauvignon (2002): Wine Review

2002 Thandi Cabernet Sauvignon
Where found? At a Fair Trade show!

How much? Depends on where you buy it; upwards of R50 in SA.
Drunk with? Dinner; spicy curry.
Did it suit? Perfectly!
Value for money? Yes, especially given the “Fair Trade” factor.
SA Blog recommends? For a romantic table for two (“thandi” means “love”, after all!).

Tasting notes
This is a classic “modern” cab, if there can be such a thing, which romps around the table showing off its robust health. Berry flavors are strong, tannins are strong but mellowing, and the legs are like a marathoner’s. It’s a good wine.

Estate notes
Tel: +27 (0) 844 0247 / 0343 / (0) 83 260 6028
Where to find Thandi wines in SA: Try your luck at the Spar chain of supermarkets; or, at the Cape, visit either the Welmoed or Helderberg wine cellars, both on the Stellenbosch Wine Route.




According to the website, Thandi was “the first wine in the world” to receive Fair Trade accreditation. The small, community-owned farm in Elgin, Western Cape (near Grabouw) that launched the label has since acquired three more bits of terroir for its fruit, on the Olifants River in the Northern Cape, near Lutzville, and in the Swartland and Helderberg (Stellenbosch) regions of the Western Cape.

Wines are exported to the UK (look out for the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir at Tesco), the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Japan, and are a rare sight in SA – so when you see a bottle, grab it!