Vintage Tractor Fair in the Free State! 2,3,4 March 2006

Vintage tractors enjoy widespread, if highly camouflaged support in South Africa – which isn’t to say that they never get their moment in the sun. Once or twice a year, the creaky hinges of old farm shed doors ring out across the land, followed by the spluttering of trusty tractor engines. A parade is held, much admiration is expressed, and then the rag-tag army is sent back to its retirement quarters. Old tractors never die, they just become homes for spiders.

Since 1989, hundreds of the beauties have made their way, in March, to Clocolan, in the eastern Free State, for the town’s annual Veteran Tractor Fair and simultaneous National Plowing Competition. Clocolan is just a quick nip off the N1 outside of Winburg, and has some of the province’s most breathtaking scenery, neslted as it is in the foothills of the Maluti Mountains.




To quote from Amohela’s website, of the Tractor Fair – “Don’t miss the hand-plowing with a team of magnificent Nguni bulls. These spectacular beasts are well worth the visit all on their own! There are stalls, horse riding, gymkhana, bars and pubs, and, on Saturday night – party time in the Showground Hall with live music and much carousing.” Wow!