South Africa: Shark Attacks, Weather, Pinotage

Been in South Africa for about 2 and 1/2 days so far. I would have posted sooner but the trip from Delhi to here was too long…

From leaving Delhi to arriving in Capetown took about 32 hours and I was really exhausted after staying up all night to work with the Boyz in India. I have not been that tired and unable to sleep for quite some time.

Luckily enough, My friend Eileen is doing her Doctorate at the University of Capetown and letting me crash at her place while I am in town. She is studying baboon skulls and the size of them or something like that.

I arrived on Friday night local time and was planning on doing some surfing with Eileen and her fellow grad student buddies – but on Saturday – some kid got munched by a great white shark. Front page news and has got people a bit scared despite that only 9 people have been killed by a shark here in the last 20 years.
Supposedly the waters have been closed while helicopters do fly overs to check the waters for more of them. Tourism folks are worried as the busy season is coming and this type of thing really scares people off.

The Weather has been lovely 15 to 20 degrees celcius during the day with loads of sun. I reckon there is no ozone over South Africa – when I am outside the sun feels like it is toasting my skin. Reminds me a bit of Australia and how the sun feels there – Growing up in Chicago, the sun always felt good in the summer, the sun alwayz felt healing and like the vitamins (is it A or E) was absorbing into my skin.

Oz and SA when you are outside:
Slap on sunscreen and cover up with wide brimmed hats – long sleeves etc. OR else you’ll end up with leather ears, face and neck.




Gonna be here for the next 2 weeks or so – A few things I got planned:

1) Wine Country – evaluating the destinations and wine of SA. Supposedly they are know for some wine called Pinotage. Some sorta grape that is unique to South Africa. Dr. Rebecca Ackermann, Eileen’s Doctorate guide, said that Pinotage is the best in SA and it is possible to bring multiple cases of it back to the states. So I reckon I am gonna try and bring back as many cases as possible for personal consumption.

Anyone care to join me for a bottle on return?

2) Going to see some wildlife somehow (Already saw Baboon yesterday at Cape Point – pictures coming soon)

3) Work out: Working out and staying in shape when I am on the road has not always been easy. I got a short term membership at Virgin workout place. So far I have gone twice to try and shake off the jet lag and lack of exercise the past few weeks

4) Please let me know if you have any suggestions on what you wanna hear about – I’ll do my best to give my take.