I am a wuss

I was just having a chat with Chris via YM and I asked him what he thought of my blogging on SA blog so far…

Tendulkar is me – Hydro is Chris

Tendulkar: how is my blogging going IYopinion
Hydro: I’d like to see more imaginative category titles
Hydro: 😉
Tendulkar: ok –
Tendulkar: good idea – I’ll work on that
Tendulkar: working on picture gallery now
Hydro: personally, i’d like to see less qualifying, or trying to please everyone. or what ever you want to call it
Tendulkar: which post in particular? – then you’ll hate the one I just put up a few minutes ago
Tendulkar: Race Relations in South Africa
Hydro: that one’s not as bad
Tendulkar: I just put it up 2 min ago – did you read it?
Hydro: just now
Tendulkar: yeah
Hydro: example…
Tendulkar: oh
Hydro: in this statement
Hydro: First of all – just in case people get mad at me (which you are of course welcome to) – I don’t know what I am talking about…I’m not an expert – just sharing some of my observations and a few things that I read.
Hydro: you don’t need this: (which you are of course welcome to)
Tendulkar: ok –
Hydro: My old girlfriend Nicole (and current friend)
Hydro: again, don’t need what’s in brackets
Tendulkar: ok
Tendulkar: so the brakceting qualifying stuff sucks
Hydro: just write what you want to say, forget what other folks might think and try to head them off before they start
Hydro: let them put it in the comments
Tendulkar: good idea
Hydro: and other stuff (maybe)
Tendulkar: LOL – I’m a fucking pussy – eh?
Tendulkar: be honest
Hydro: bit tentative
Hydro: to me it reads as though you’re treading very carefully in case you insult someone. Then again, I know you, so maybe it’s just me
Tendulkar: ok – I’ll take it under consideration and just “fuck it”
Tendulkar: thanks as always – and if you ever have other comments like this – please share – don’t wait till I ask..
Hydro: only really read it thru fully today anyway, but I will try to keep it on mind
Tendulkar: cool
Hydro: k, i’m outta here
Hydro: have fun on the trip. I may not speak to you for a bit unless you can get access
Hydro: hope it’s a blast and I’ll look fwd to the photos
Tendulkar: cool = take care and you have fun as well
Hydro: yep. taking the camera tonight, so hopefuilly some good shots 4 the blog.
Hydro: seeya.
Tendulkar: peace out