At Cape Town Airport – final thoughts

I switched my flight to leave South Africa 2 days earlier cuz I wanted to touch base with my pops before he leaves for Chicago. He has been holding the BootsnAll office fort down the past few months. This will give us a few days together before he goes to move my sister Bree, into her new place in Chicago.

Even though I am flying coach on South African Airways…

I am in the first class lounge. I got here 4 hours early to change ticket etc and that left me loads of time. No internet access anywhere else – so I decided to give the 1st class lounge a go. The guy at the front desk was into negotiating so I paid him 30 Rand and now I have 2+ hours of access. I am happy because I have tried to “cut a deal” with these 1st class lounge people before with no success.

I have a lot of articles and crap to post on this blog from my little press trip that I have not had time todo while I was here…more to come later.

Some of the highlights of the past few days include.

1: Robben Island – This is where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 20 years or so as well as 100s if not 1000s of other political prisoners. The prison and island are no big deal at all – what is a big deal is the dudes giving the tours – were acgtual political prisioners on this Island in these cells. The personal stories are what makes the trip for me worthwhile. I’ll share pictures and details later.




2: Kristy MacIntosh: BootsnAll Member – went out for a few drinks with her and a shitload of her friends last night. As always, it is great to meet up with folks that have a passion for travel: pictures and story later as well

3: Cubs Win!! They did it and are in the playoffs. Now the real sweating and praying begins. Our Father, who art in heaven…

4: I found out Phillip Blazdell is coming to town (Portland that is) – and I am stoked. Phillip was perhaps our 1st writer and has always been a good friend and supporter. Meeting him will be a highlight of 2003 for me.

5: Pinotage: I am coming back with only 1 case of it….so let me know if you are up for a tasting…I’ll crack a few of them open if some folks wanna come over for a Pintoage tasting – or we can just drink ’em.

So South Africa was a great time and I highly recommend coming here. Of course, I say that about most places, because I do believe that going anywhere, is often better than never going anywhere.

Finally, a thank-you to Eileen for putting me up at your place in Observatory and for hanging out these past few weeks. A great time it was and good luck with your Doctorate.

See you in the States folks