Man United to Tour South Africa

A watered-down Man U side will visit South Africa this July for a three match series against local teams, as part of its English Premier League pre-season schedule. None of Manchester’s World Cup players will make the trip, because of, erm, theWorld Cup.

The monsignors in charge of South African football will doubtless be grateful for the opportunity Manchester’s tour will afford, in terms of local players’ exposure to different footballing standards, however weakened the English side may be. The South African national soccer team is, to put it mildly, in a rebuilding phase, and the local game needs as much fresh activity and thinking as it can get.



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  • SA Blog’s favorite quote on soccer in Africa so far this year comes from the above-mentioned article, written by one Chris Hocking. He said: “…there is no doubting how football is taking off in the African continent.” Poor lad must have slept through “Not Stating Drearily Facile Facts 101” in journalism school, wot?