Local’s View: Mzwakhe Mbuli, the People’s Poet!

Spotted! Mzwakhe Mbuli, the People’s Poet!
Where? Johannesburg!

Loving SA yet? Yes!
Why? “Once again, I extend my most profound appreciation, sincere thanks and volumes of love. Every person who has visited my website deserves a gold medal. My moment of glory shall dawn. Okuhle nokumhlope. God sustained, I am unsinkable.” (Mzwakhe.org)

Highlight so far? Early parole!
Sore points? Corruption, abortion, rape and the shackled minds of many fellow Africans.

Travel tips for others? Travel to South Africa in person – or just in heart and soul, through my gentle but powerful Afropop.




You may not agree with all of my views, but you won’t be left untouched by what many of my compatriots simply call – “The Voice”.

People’s Poet links: Mzwakhe.org | M&G

Mzwakhe Mbuli, the “People’s Poet”, is an icon of South Africa’s freedom struggle. A bestselling musician, he was convicted of robbery in 1999 – wrongly, he insists – and served four years in prison Here, he’s unwittingly collared into SA Blog’s ongoing People of the South series.