Happy Voting Day! Vote Doggy!

Today, March 1, is a special public holiday in South Africa: Voting Day! Millions will go to the polls to decide who will govern them at municipal level for the next five years. (The national elections – determining who controls Parliament – were held last year, with the ANC winning handily.)

Your Correspondent’s choice for mayor in Cape Town is Mickey Munden, a pooch with a plan. Mickey barks up all the right trees, and always finds his bone. He also has an few inspired ideas for dealing with the Cape Town power outage crisis – for instance, by hitching power supply officials up to horse carts, and getting them to crank out a few watts on the Kenilworth track. (You should see the diagrams.)




Follow the elections:

Election info note: South Africans who plan to vote can check where to make their “X” by “sms-ing” their ID numbers to 32810. They’ll receive a message back indicating whether they’re registered, and the location of their voting station. Take a candle!