I expected to find a huge variety of animals in South Africa, but one I wasn’t prepared to encounter was the insidious earworm. Everywhere we turned, it seemed, we’d bump into yet another earworm – and as soon as we’d get rid of one, someone would find (and, inevitably, share) […]

The Earworms of South Africa

Splashy Fen Legend has it that two friends, Peter Ferraz and Bart Fokkens, were sitting around over a beer one evening in 1990, discussing the decline of the great music festivals of yore. Concluding that the moment had come to reverse this trend the two decided then and there to […]

From the Kaapse Klopse to the Field of Dreams: SA ...

This all male harmonic choir is South Africa’s biggest musical export. Their distinctive melancholy sound pulls hard at the heart strings of South Africans everywhere. Perhaps a homesick Safrican will hear this somewhere and decide to come back home. It was formed by Joseph Shabalala in 1960, who still heads […]

Ladysmith Black Mombazo

Its nearly time for the 2007 Cape Town Festivall. The dates are from 3 March – 24 March and comprises of hundreds of shows (Many of them free) all over Cape Town. There is live music, plays, comedians, film, fashion and all sorts of performance and static arts. An extensive […]

Things to do in Cape Town: Cape Town Festival 2007

I would hate to compare Cape Town with Ibiza, mainly because I have never been there, but also I think I have a pretty good idea what it’s like. Red sweaty yobs on ecstasy at 200bpm. Anyhoo some people are touting Cape Town as the next Ibiza, namely the “industry […]

Global Breakthrough South Africa: Sir Norman Jay!!

Don’t miss the chance to catch the songs of South Africa’s own Woodward and Bernstein, I mean Rogers and Hammerstein, I mean Gilbert and Sullivan (!) – David Kramer and Taliep Petersen, who have brought their smash-hit musical Ghoema to the University of Johannesburg Arts Centre, where it runs until […]

Musical Explores SA’s Slave Roots