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Facebook has really taken off in South Africa, in the same way that Brazil took to Orkut..In droves. This group has a nice list, highlighting some endearing (and some not) South Africans idiosyncrasies. Please note the crime references in this list pertain mainly to Johannesburg 🙂 You know you’re South […]

You know you’re South African when….: Facebook group

In the ancestor worshipping traditions held by the majority (80%) of South Africans (Zulu, Xhosa, Ndabele and Swazi) the Sangoma is the primary and sometimes exclusive healer and counsellor. There is no governing body to control who is, and who is not, a sangoma, anyone can claim to be one […]

Sangomas: The South African Shamen

Its nearly time for the 2007 Cape Town Festivall. The dates are from 3 March – 24 March and comprises of hundreds of shows (Many of them free) all over Cape Town. There is live music, plays, comedians, film, fashion and all sorts of performance and static arts. An extensive […]

Things to do in Cape Town: Cape Town Festival 2007

Wow!, what a stir Bok Van Blerk’s song has caused among Afrikaners in South Africa! The song can be heard chanted at pubs, rugby games and the furore surrounding the song is on every talk station and in every paper. The song has been banned and then unbanned at Loftus […]

Bok Van Blerk: Cult of the Delarey Song.

I love hearing strange traditional tales from foreign lands, so I thought I might introduce you to some eccentric South African stories that people grow up with here. I distinctly remember a time swimming at Muizenberg when some swimmers started screaming and shouting that there was a Tokoloshe in the […]

South African folklore: The tiny terror that is the “Tokoloshe”