By Sean Ross The News We Deserve For weeks on end the marketing department of E-News, South Africa’s first 24-hour television news channel, were promising viewers that as of launch date on June 1, paying customers would finally be receiving “The news you deserve”. Naturally I started wondering how I […]

The News We Deserve

Well there is no sight of the mysterious iceberg that was sighted last week at 6pm on Monday, 35 nautical miles south east of St Francis Bay in the Eastern Cape by the crew of the fishing vessel Ntini. The air force on routine patrol were asked to keep a […]

Iceberg sighted of Cape St Francis: What the heck next?

The 8 host cities around South Africa staged celebrations on Saturday to mark 1000 Days till the start of the 2010 World Cup. The celebrations were part of the 2010 Local Organising Committee and the host cities’ plans to make the public aware of the magnitude of the soccer extravaganza […]

Countdown to 2010: World cup 997 Days to kickoff :)

Umkhosi woMhlanga is the Zulu name for the Royal Reed dance which happens every September at KwaNyokeni Palace, Nongoma, which is the Zulu nation’s royal residence. Over 10 000 virgin maidens are invited from throughout KwaZulu Natal, to dance in the ceremony and thousands more Zulus help the prepare. The […]

Two tourists arrested for photographing Zulu Royal Reed Dance.

My heroine, Mayor Helen (of Troy) God-Zille, has been arrested this morning during a march against gangsterism and narcotics. “The question that arises is this: everyone knows who the narcotic traffickers in Mitchell’s Plain are, and where they ply their trade why are they not arrested?” said the Zillmonster. The […]

Helen Zille, Mayor of Cape Town: Arrested!

South Africa kicked off the Rugby world cup yesterday with a splendiferous kicking of Samoa’s derrierre. (59-7) Percy Montgomery and Brian Habana were the stars of the show, with Percy adding 2 tries and a total of 29 points and Habana’s ridiculous speed contributing 4 tries. South Africa’s concern against […]

2007 Rugby World Cup: South Africa VS Samoa, Amabokoboko!