Your Correspondent Celebrates Independence Day in Style

Happy 4th of July! Americans in Cape Town, if you didn’t crack an invite to today’s do at the US Consulate, then why not start an Independence Day tradition all your own?

My suggestion: head on down to your friendly American Corn Dogs outlet for a cheery dose of deep fried stick o’ beef (or o’ chicken, or o’ pork, or even o’ chocolate, which I don’t think should even be o’ legal). Delicious and patriotic! After all, what did the poet say?

Dulce et decorum est pro patria un canemcereali essum.




I think that’s how it went, at any rate. (Latin buffs, how’s my translation?)

And so off I went, to the American Corn Dogs outlet just up the road from SA Logue’s office, and duly partook of my all-American lunch. The corn dog counter is in Sea Point’s Adelphi Centre, on the Main Road (map), and the corn dogs themselves are expertly prepared by a Sotho-speaking woman who hails, originally, from the tiny Northern Cape town of Victoria West.

The dog was perfectly-proportioned, deep-fried to the requisite golden-brown, slathered in ketchup (she actually said the word “ketchup,” which brought a tear to my eye) and mustard, and went down like a bomb. I admit to being almost frightened off by the scary-looking man in the window –

– but in the end, a good time was had by all. Erm, by just me. I was the only American in the vicinity, it seems. Sniff.

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