Where to Watch the World Cup in Cape Town: the Lookout Deck, Hout Bay

SA Logue introduces you to some of the best places in Cape Town to park for World Cup Matches! Find more spots with our Watch the Cup tag.

The Lookout Deck
Harbour Road, Hout Bay Harbour
Cape Town
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Specialty: Pizzas & pub seafood
Tel: +27 (0) 21 790 0900




Further Insight & Opinion

The chief problem with catching a game at the Lookout Deck is the competition from the restaurant’s harbor views. You might be distracted from the action by, say, a seal frolicking in the water on the other side of the glassed-in deck, or by one of the Boat Club’s beautiful fishing vessels gliding into the bay.

Cleverly, the managers have positioned their televisions in places that take soccer fans’ gazes away from the water. There’s a reasonably-sized screen right above the bar on the outside deck, diametrically opposed to the pretty but non-essential ocean and mountains, and another one deep inside the restaurant, where there’s nothing else to look at at all.

The menu is reasonably satisfying, from a pub perspective – read Court’s review from earlier this year – and the pizzas are, as the menu takes pains to highlight, a foot in diameter. Which isn’t all that big, come to think of it. Plan to order one per half!