Where to Buy a Gas Stove in Cape Town

What with Cape Town’s rolling blackouts likely to continue to disrupt its residents’ and visitors’ lives over the short term, SA Blog provides this handy guide to finding a gas stove in the city.

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  • First, a caution is in order: Call ahead! As might be expected, there’s been a run on gas stoves, and many retailers are out of stock. No sense in braving traffic (ungoverned by traffic lights) if you’re not 100% sure. (Click here for a reasonable online traffic report.)


  • Second, start by investigating second-hand options. Gas stoves are very reliable: those that are second-hand will almost certainly work just as well as those that are new. (Check for relative cleanliness before you buy.) Classified ads:
  • Good second-hand stores:

  • Other stores that stock gas stoves:
  • For a sweet pic of SA Blog’s own gas stove in action, click here.