SouthAfricaBlog Takes 7 1/2 Hour Tea Break

Cape Town experienced it’s third consecutive power failure today, and because of Your Correspondent’s foresight and prompt action, the SA Blog office was able to enjoy a 7 1/2 hour tea break as a result.

We chatted about all sorts of things while the water simmered merrily on the office’s new gas stove (pictured) – especially my foresight and prompt action – and generally had a jolly old carouse of it. Meanwhile, outside in the traffic (ungoverned by traffic lights), Capetonians smoldered and cursed by the thousand.




Believe it or not, tea breaks of such length are actually quite common in Cape Town, otherwise known by the slight misnomer, “the working day”.

We who earn our bread in the city wait with bated breath to learn if there’s to be another of these splendid power outrages – I mean outages – tomorrow. In the event, all in the Sea Point vicinity who need a cup of hot water are invited ’round.