It’s Cape Town Season

(An SA Blog Beta post from Your Correspondent.)

There may be four changes of weather each year in Cape Town, but there’s only one “Season.”

The Season can be detected sneaking around the city’s perimeter every October; it descends in November but decides it’s arrived too early and withdraws; it makes permanent landfall with a mighty whomp! in December and is utterly immovable for a month and a half; and then it’s beat back whence it came by groggy citizens around the end of January.




Now, with hotels reporting surging occupancy rates (up 9% on this time last year), SA Blog can say with confidence – It’s Cape Town Season! You are free to pursue every pleasure available under the African sun: beaches, hiking, water sports, dining out, clubbing, raves, champagne, and the various combinations thereof. You are free to block incoming calls from anyone even vaguely related to work, and you are free to wake up each day at 12 noon and get some exercise in by (a) shooting a round of pool or (b) napping under an umbrella.

For other ideas on what to do, just observe a local, who will be somewhere in the middle of a month-long process of “winding down.”

SA Blog hopes you enjoy Cape Town Season, which comes but once a year – but please, let’s all be safe out there!