Fish Hoek Fisheries, Fish Hoek: Fish & Chips Top Five

SA Logue brings you the top five places in Cape Town for fish & chips. See our Fish & Chips Top 5 tag for more.

Fish Hoek Fisheries
Main Road (M4)
Fish Hoek
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Specialty: Fish & Chips
Tel: +27 (0) 21 782 2314
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Further Insight & Opinion
Something special happens when fresh hake and snoek are delivered to this modest, Portuguese-run storefront at the north end of Fish Hoek’s Main Road: the incredibly tasty take-aways draw people from miles around, and the queue for the piping-hot, deep-fried delights runs forty-deep. There truly is no fried fish like this any where else, in Cape Town or on planet Earth. The batter is light and crisp, the fish inside it steamed to perfection, and the chips are enormous, prepared in the classic Cape “slap” (limp) style.

A great take-away order for two: 1 portion hake (light and flaky fish), 1 portion snoek (meaty and bony fish) and 1 portion chips.

Tip: Save your receipt – without it, you can’t get your food – and ask for serviettes/napkins. Then take your fish and chips further south, past Fish Hoek, to the Glencairn whale-watching viewpoint, and gorge on both food and views.

Fish Hoek Fisheries is number one on my list of the top five fish & chips outlets in Cape Town. Nothing can touch it, quite frankly. Ask any Capetonian who loves fish & chips.