Cape Town’s Rugby Museum Holds Vast Treasures

It’s surprising how many tourists come to South Africa on a rugby footing. True, we’re an on-again, off-again rugby world power, with a semi-glorious history (let’s not forget that the Springboks, as the national side are known, were “whites only” for about a century) – and then there’s the power of sport to compel people to do all sorts of wacky things, like buy overpriced televisions and travel halfway around the world.

At any rate, if rugby’s your game, then the thing to do in Cape Town is spend some time in the SA Rugby Museum, housed in cramped quarters in the Sports Science Institute of South Africa, right next door to the hallowed grounds of Newlands Stadium (which, today, is also used for soccer events).

Inside, prepared to be bowled over by Rugby paraphernalia. There’s a fine diorama illustrating the history of the pigskin (see pic above); a splendid replica of the world championship trophy that the Springboks won at the 1995 World Cup –




– a few frail-looking stuffed bokkies that are fairly macabre, and ought to be replaced by Disneyland-style plush toy animals –

– and plenty more to take in, in the way of jerseys, boots, plaques, books and badges, besides –

The museum manager conducts a short tour a few times a day, during which the museum is locked up, so be prepared to wait a bit when planning your visit.

Rugby Museum Info
Address: Boundary Road, Newlands | Map
Tel: +27 (0) 21 685 3038