Cape Town’s Blue Flag Beach

One beach in Cape Town has bagged the coveted Blue Flag in 2006: Clifton 4th Beach (map).

This means that Clifton 4th meets an exhaustive range of beach quality criteria. Among the check-boxes in question: sound environmental management, facililties upkeep, good saftey measures, excellent quality of water (i.e., no effluent), and beautiful babes and studs everywhere you look. Clifton exceeds these standards on all counts; it’s reckoned among the best beaches in the world. (See Wesley’s testimonial comment following this post.)

The Blue Flag Campaign, founded in France in 1985, was established to set beach standards that take both ecological and social factors into account. Beaches are reviewed on a yearly basis, and beach managers live in as much dread of losing the Blue Flag status as restauranteurs fear losing a Michelin star.