Cape Town WiFi Hotspot: the Cape Sun Hotel

The Cape Sun hotel – with its exposed, glass-paned elevators, one of the city’s major landmarks – just might be the poshest wifi hotspot in the Western Cape. Find it right in the city center, where Strand Street (map) meets St. George’s Mall.

The lounge area inside the hotel’s rotating-door entrance is always hushed, and, being quite deep, affords good privacy. It’s a favorite day-time haunt of the city’s rising black elite, who congregate to cut deals.




A pot of strong coffee for two costs R25 (excluding tip), the service is relatively prompt, and the internet juice is always on.

The Cape Sun’s official name is awkward – “Southern Sun Cape Sun” – and the website of its chain-hotel owner is so repusively unusable that I’m not linking to it out of petty spite. If you want more information about the hotel, it’s best to call: +27 (0) 21 488 5100.