Cape Town Power Outage: Wednesday’s (1 Mar) Scheduled Blackouts

Cape Town’s month of Sundays continues, with a double excuse to do nothing much today: (1) the rolling blackouts come early and often; and (2) it’s a special public holiday (voting day – for municipal elections), so banks, etc., are closed.

  • Find the latest blackout schedule here: Cape Chamber (Note: it usually bears no resemblance to reality, but makes a great dartboard.)
  • Follow SA Blog’s ongoing coverage of the crisis: Cape Town Power Outage 2006


  • Travel caution: The erratic electricity supply is affecting the city’s Metrorail train service, which is running on a Sunday schedule today. Trains are getting caught between stations, some lines are being cancelled – depending on your route, it may not be a good idea to take a train today!

    For train info call toll free: 0800 65 64 63. Alternatively click here for station and route updates.

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