Cape Argus Blog: Top 9 Things To Remember on Race Day


When you’re standing in the chutes amid thousands of other cyclists at the start of the Cape Argus, the last thing you need is that sinking feeling that you may have left a cycling essential at home.

Argus Head, our Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour blogger, brings you nine essentials to remember on Race Day:

1. Your bike. Yes, it’s a no-brainer, but we all know the story of a guy who arrived at a race without his bike.

2. Your helmet & shoes. Keep them together and don’t leave home without them.




3. Water Bottle(s) or Hydration Pack. Filled with water or an energy drink (note that Energade has been taken off the shelves), they play an important role in proper Race Day hydration.

4. Spare tubes. For those unforeseen flats when you least expect it.

5. Bike tools. You need spanners and various little gadgets to fix flat tires, a broken chain or adjust your brake settings. Or get a handy all-in-one Multi-Tool.

6. Pump or CO2 cartridges. A good old-fashioned pump always does the trick, and the newer ones are compact enough to fit into your hydration pack. But if you’re after quick inflation so you can catch up with your friends, CO2 cartridges are excellent. The ultimate solution is a combination of the two.

7. Gloves. The last thing you want is a pair of sweaty hands struggling to handle your bike. Cycling gloves keep your hands dry, protect them from sunburn on Race Day and save the skin on your palms if you fall.

8. Your time chip needs to be strapped around your ankle. Do it before you leave the house.

9. Energy snacks give you the boost you need to climb those nasty hills. Carb-rich snacks like jelly sweets are great, but choose your snacks wisely as bananas can squash and chocolate can melt.