SA shark attacks blamed on tourism There has been a spate of shark attacks in the waters off Cape Town in South Africa. Surfer JP Andrew says he feels lucky to be alive. One surfer died at the end of last year, and in recent weeks one fisherman was attacked […]

SA shark attacks blamed on tourism

Any country is beautiful from the tourist point of view, but gazing out from a hotel room doesn’t always give the real feel of what that country can offer. Through hanging out with a local in his hometown, I hoped to find a little more adventure and insight. So last […]

Unexpected Encounters

Cape Town is South Africa’s City to be seen in. It is world famous for it’s backdrop, Table Mountain, and is the country’s number one cosmopolitan city. Adventure in Cape Town doesn’t just involve throwing yourself off cliffs, shark diving and chasing muggers. No, no, no – Adventure in Cape […]

Adventure in Cape Town