Western Cape: South Africa: As a Travel Destination

Nick frequently writes about why Bali is such a great destination for travelers….I’ll give it a go here as well.

Money: 7.3 Rand to US 1 dollar. Within the past year or so – it was as high as 11 rand to the dollar – but I reckon the prices for tourists are still good comparted to Western prices.

More about money
Bootle of Beer = 7 to 15R
Meal at restaurant = 20 to 50R
MiniBus in Capetown (to get around) = 3 to 5R
Bottle of SA wine at shop 25R+
Bottle of SA wine at Restaurant= 30R+

I find the prices cheaper than I would in the states by about 30 to 50%. Foe example…I get a big arse Cafe Latte most mornings here for 9 Rand. (1.30 US) – the same goes for close to 3 bucks stateside no?

The other day, Eileen and I stayed at a Bed and Breakfast about 1/2 hour outside Capetown cuz I wanted to eat and drink at this place that was right on (pictures coming) the water and not drive back. The B and B was about $50US/night and it was the primo top/loft room – with huge deck, Ocean views, breakkie for 2, own bathroom. My old girlfriend Nicole (and current friend) from the Ovaldoor Bed and Breakfast in Eugene charged $150 for her top room and there was not an ocean view (still worth it of course). So I reckon that was a good price. (BTW – one person could stay in that exact room – it has 2 beds – for $25US or 180R/night)




Internet Cafes prices are about 10 to 20R/hour.

What you get for what you pay – good stuff. The other night on the coast I went a bit mental and spent $30 on a Seafood Platter. It had Shrimp, Calamari, Lobster, mussels, oysters, salad and it was huge. Leo, my pops, and my cousin (Eric Boyko) had the same thing at Jake’s in PDX and that plate cost $60. The quality of this fish was great. The dock next to the restaurant is where the local fisherman come in and sell there fish everyday to supply the restaurant.

Tried some Springbok the other night. Tasted like steak. I like it and will eat it again no worries.

I think Joe E would like it here cuz of all this meat and the good prices. I am not sure if it is as cheap as Argentina’s meat (he told me he likes the meat and prices of it there) – but South Africa could be a bit easier to travel to for some folks…at least the 1st 5 days or so I have been in and around Capetown, it feels like the West. Very easy to travel around, traffic moves like the west (vs. Delhi chaos), the folks speak english…